Can't fill up a delivery twice!!
Sold a new car on Saturday late mgr on desk issued a voucher to fill the car up. He gave it to a porter who filled the car. Deal was delayed due to insurance problem. Customer came back to pick car up on Tuesday. Mgr on desk issued a second voucher to fill the car not knowing it was already filled and missing on the screen sayin it was done. Gave to another porter who was told to go fill up the car (already full) guess what? The porter came back with a gas recpt !! He was fired the next day. When asked why he put the gas in his own car (assumed) he had no answer.

Joel Dalbo, VW of Garden Grove, Fairfax, VA

Gas Station Clerk Caught Stealing
Dealership personnel go the gas station with an open fill-up ticket for new car deliveries. We caught the gas station clerk adding money to these fill-up tickets after our employee would leave the station. He then would take the amount added to the ticket from the cash drawer for his own pocket, charging this "new" amount to our account. Who knows how long this was going on before we signed up for GAS? GAS not only stopped this fraudulent activity, but it greatly reduced our monthly gas expenditures.

DARCARS Chevrolet

Employee Caught Filling up Friends’ Vehicles
At one of our stores, an employee took a company card and, after using it to fill up a dealership vehicle, had his friends come to the gas station so he could fill up their vehicles too. Oftentimes, we didn’t have receipts for fuel purchases and didn’t know if the expense was truly for our company or being used for personal vehicles. GAS has been extremely beneficial to our group. Not only has it helped eliminate the chance of fuel fraud since company cards aren’t being passed back and forth anymore, it’s also helped us save time reconciling receipts and tracking purchase orders.

Cadillac Dealership

Managers Put Extra Gas in Used Cars
After being on GAS, we realized that our used car managers were putting $15 in every vehicle that went on a test drive. $15 for a typical 15-minute test drive. We question whether this $15 was really going into our gas tanks. Either way, we did change our policy and started saving money immediately.

355 Toyota

Porter Caught Stealing Gas
After starting GAS, our gas bill dropped dramatically. Obviously our porters were filling up their own cars. One weekend a porter asked for a purchase order for a new frontline car. He returned a receipt for $20 in gas to my sales manager that day. On Monday morning I checked the vehicle and it was bone dry with only 4 miles on the odometer. Busted!

Joel Dalbo, GM, Volvo of Orange County

PO History Indicated Fraudulent Fill-ups
A few weeks ago, I was completing a gas fill for a delivery, when I noticed that there was a previous fill ticket completed two months prior. As we fill all new cars at PDI time, this was somewhat unusual. I checked the vehicle and found that it had 45 miles on the odometer, but had only a half tank of gas. The PDI fill ticket indicated the proper amount for a full tank.

Trey Rodgers, Sales Manager, Jim Coleman Cadillac

Gasoline Approval System
Like most dealerships, during the hard times we look even closer for the changes that will help to bolster the bottom line. Many pretenders, such as the DMS providers, CRM tools, and lead managers, take a toll, both in terms of manpower and real dollars with little or no guarantee of enhanced returns. Of all our recent software endeavors, GAS has come through like gangbusters. It's easy to configure, easy to use, easy on the budget, and protects our second most valuable resource: $$$.

Eric Levinson, CTO, Garcia Automotive Group

Accounting Department Saved Hours Reconciling Expenses
We have been using GAS for years. Our usage of the product has allowed us to monitor and control gasoline usage in all four dealerships we own. In a time of volatile gas price fluctuations, this is an important cost control asset for us. We saw an immediate noticeable decrease in our monthly gasoline expenditures simply by using a system that allowed us to see daily what cars gas was going into. The fact that our employees knew there was a monitoring system in place definitely was a factor in decreased usage. The secondary benefit is the amount of hours our accounting department has saved using the GAS tool. Prior to using GAS, my office manager would spend hours at month end trying to reconcile gas tickets and allocate expenses to the proper department. With GAS's accounting reports, month end is now an easy chore. As you can see, I am a big fan of GAS.

Tom Croxton, GM, Circle Auto Group

Porter Fired for Stealing
Just fired another porter for stealing gasoline. We set up a delivery and had another porter fill the car. The deal was put on hold for credit reasons. Two days later with another desk manager, the deal was approved. They then issued a second PO and gave it to the porter who supposedly was going to gas the car. He came back with a receipt for a full tank of gas even though the car was already full. He obviously put the gas in his own tank. He was fired.

Joel Dalbo, GM, Volvo of Orange County