Gasoline Approval System
Gasoline Approval System (GAS) is an easy to use web-based purchase order system designed to track, manage, and control your monthly gasoline expenses.

Track each fuel purchase
For each PO, GAS records the stock or RO number for each entry making it easy to pull reports.

Manage all purchase orders
Open, close, void, and reconcile your gasoline POs all in one place.

Control the process
Pull reports showing all open POs and PO history of a stock or RO number. Receive fraudulent transaction alerts.
Success with GAS Testimonials

Important Cost Control
"We saw an immediate noticeable decrease in our monthly gasoline expenditures simply by using a system that allowed us to see daily what cars gas was going into."

PO History
"...I was completing a gas fill for a delivery, when I noticed there was a previous fill ticket 2 months prior ... I checked the vehicle and found it had 45 miles on the odometer, but only had 1/2 tank of gas. The PDI fill ticket indicated the proper amount for a full tank."

Gas Station Clerk Caught Stealing
"We caught the gas station clerk adding money to "fill-up" tickets after our employee would leave the station. He then would take the amount added to the ticket from the cash drawer for his own pocket, charging this "new" amount to our account."
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